Values & Culture

We are committed to responsible investing and ownership.  We strive to ensure that both our firm and the companies we invest in abide by the highest ethical standards.

Our Business Principles

Deliver superior returns
Our mission is to produce superior returns by investing our clients’ and partners’ capital, alongside our own. We never feel compelled to deploy capital unless the risk/return profile is strongly in our favour.

Intellectual honesty
We value intellectual honesty, rigorous analysis and lively debate in our decision-making processes. Whilst experience is a significant contributor to superior investment decisions, we expect every professional to contribute ‎to such decisions.

Imagination and creativity
We consider that imagination and creativity are essential to delivering superior returns. We can only expect to make differentiated gains if we have a different perspective about, and approach to the opportunities we pursue and the companies we invest in.

We believe that focus generates impact. It ensures speed of decision and execution, particularly in our role as active owners supporting talented management teams. Consequently we prefer to make a small number of large investments than to spread ourselves too thin.

Integrity is at the core of everything we do. There is no business, profit or commercial reason‎ that could justify us ever being willing to compromise or mitigate that principle.

Alignment of interest
We strongly believe in alignment of interest both on the upside and the downside. We expect to be better stewards of our partners’ and clients’ capital‎ because a very significant portion of our own capital is at risk alongside theirs.

Risk management
We are extremely focused on risk management in our portfolio, investments and operations. A thorough and ongoing assessment of risks and downside is central to our culture and to our decision making processes.

Fairness and responsibility
We are passionate believers that professional owners and talented management teams have a responsibility towards society and other communities they operate in. If we do our job well, not only will we achieve better returns for our investors, but we will also contribute more productively to growth, employment, value creation and the broader economy.

Aleph Capital Partners LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
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