Investment Approach

Established in 2013, Aleph is a London-based investment firm that backs companies driven by secular industry themes primarily in the Telecom, Media and Technology sectors, working closely with management teams as a long-term investor to deliver value growth


Our sourcing approach is driven by our deep sector expertise and relationships, leading to our ability to access proprietary transactions.

Partnership Style

We are active owners who look to partner with ambitious, high-quality management teams and other stakeholders to drive value growth.

Long Term Growth Potential

We back companies that are driven by secular themes which support their growth ambitions, and we aim to stay invested in them over the medium-to-long term.

Flexible & Bespoke Capital

Our flexible capital allows us to tailor our investments to fit the needs of the businesses we invest in.

Concentrated Portfolio

We believe that focus generates impact and therefore have a concentrated portfolio approach.

Alignment of Interests

We are investors, and believe in alignment of interest with our capital partners. As such, we commit a significant amount of our own capital in every company that we decide to support.

Responsible Investing

We are committed to responsible investing and ownership. We strive to ensure that both our firm and the companies we invest in abide by the highest ethical standards.