Company Description

InterCloud is the European leader of Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect (“SDCI”) solutions. The Company makes cloud connectivity more secure, reliable, and flexible for enterprises with complex connectivity needs across several Cloud Service Providers (“CSPs”), software applications and geographies. The Company has partnered with many of the leading CSPs, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Salesforce, IBM, SAP, Oracle, and Alibaba.

Why we invested

InterCloud operates within a market growing at a c. 30%+ CAGR, supported by the long-term secular tailwind of fast-growing enterprise cloud usage

InterCloud is one of a few pure-play SDCI players globally in a nascent market

InterCloud is the European leader in SDCI, with the region increasingly focused on data sovereignty

The Company’s solutions are currently used by a number of very large enterprise customers

The Company has a proprietary technology platform with unique capabilities

We are backing an experienced management team with a clear strategic vision

Investment Date: Feb 2022

Industry: Technology

Status: Live investment