Company Description

DARAG specialises in providing run-off solutions to Property and Casualty insurers and reinsurers in the European and US market. It is a leading player in the mid-sized run-off market.

Why we invested

Strong underlying growth in Property and Casualty run-off market, underpinned by:

  • The Solvency II regulatory capital rules; and
  • The widening acceptance of run-off as a capital management tool

Limited number of credible competitors to DARAG to capture market growth

Attractive entry price driven by structured investment

Opportunity to scale investment over time and develop new markets, notably the US

Opportunity to unlock and accelerate growth through active governance

Investment Date: 2019

Industry: Insurance

Tangible Book Value: €75m

Book value growth: 1.5x(1)

Status: Live investment



(1) Since investment