Aleph is an independent investment firm based in London. We focus on capital investments in European companies. We operate as a long-term capital partner of the businesses we invest in. We work closely with management teams, shareholders and other stakeholders to create adaptable capital solutions aimed at delivering growth in value over several years. Aleph is focused on investment opportunities where its capital commitment can range between €100 million and €400 million. Our typical holding period ranges from two to seven years. Our governance approach is adapted to the specific situation of each company we invest in. We make only a limited number of investments every year.

  • Aleph combines the long-term, management-supportive approach of private equity capital with the adaptability of special situations capital
  • We target sound businesses with growth potential; all capital investments are aimed at unlocking and accelerating growth in the companies we choose to support
  • Our governance mandate is flexible and adapted to the specifics of the situation. It is always constructed along the lines of a long-term partnership with management
  • Our investments are adapted to the specifics of the companies that we become capital partners with. These can include buyouts, minority investments, preferred equity, structured investments, stressed and distressed debt, new money to support balance sheets, build-ups and private investment in publicly listed entreprises
  • We have the ability to deal with complex and non-standard ownership and governance situations
  • We seek to align investor, management and company interests
  • We take a disciplined, value-oriented approach to investing
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Aleph and Crestview Partners have formed a strategic alliance to invest together in European markets. Each party intends to allocate up to €600 million to the investments that will fall within the scope of the alliance, with a view to investing up to €1.2 billion in the region over the next four years. Crestview and Aleph expect to fund their contributions from commitments by their respective outside investors, capital partners as well as their own principals.

The strategic alliance will focus on businesses headquartered in Europe with superior risk/return characteristics and equity type returns. Investment types may include buyouts, control investments, minority investments, structured investments, build-ups, recapitalisations of levered enterprises, stressed or distressed debt investments and investments in publicly listed enterprises. The parties intend to exercise significant governance rights in the investments made together through the strategic alliance.